Wolff and Nasr divided on crash

By on Thursday, February 19, 2015
Sauber F1 Team

Sauber F1 Team

Williams driver Susie Wolff and Sauber rookie Felipe Nasr provided differing perspectives on what caused their collision during testing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

During her post-test meeting with the media, at which F1Zone.net was present, Wolff provided assembled journalists with video footage obtained by race control.

The footage showed that Wolff, on a slow lap, moved over on the outside approaching Turn 5. Nasr was arriving at the corner with speed and as he tried to maintain the optimum racing line, he clipped the front of the Williams and speared off into the gravel.

"For me I stayed completely on my line, I didn’t expect him to move across as aggressively as he did, he hit my front left with his rear, for me it was not something I could have avoided," said Wolff.

"I went over to him and said ‘what the hell went on’ and he was a bit speechless, I was also a bit speechless as you think to yourself, ‘how the hell did that just happen’, it was stupid.

"He was coming over too aggressively, I don’t know whether he was trying to optimise corner entry, I don’t know…he could have just gone into the corner."

Nasr believed that Wolff did not see him arriving at the turn.

"In the afternoon we started the programme as scheduled, but were then stopped by an incident," he said.

"I think Susie (Wolff) did not see me coming, and then we unfortunately collided in turn five. We had quite a lot of damage to fix, which hurt our programme."

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