Kvyat: Not possible to pass Hulkenberg

By on Sunday, November 15, 2015
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull driver Daniil Kvyat rued his lack of straight line speed as he was unable to get ahead of Force India rival Nico Hulkenberg during the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Having passed the German at the start, Force India used the undercut at the first round of stops to move Hulkenberg ahead, leaving Kvyat down in seventh place, where he remained for the remainder of the race.

"We extracted pretty much the maximum out of what we could have done," said Kvyat.

"Unfortunately we got undercut by Force India at the first pit stop which compromised our race a bit.

"After that I was following Hulkenberg all the time and it was quite hard to find a place to overtake.

"We were stuck behind him trying to attack but they were controlling us in a straight line so it wasn’t easy, I got in DRS range a couple of times but it didn’t really help.

"Anyway we have to be happy with those six points at this track. All in all we had a very controlled qualifying yesterday and a controlled race today, so it couldn’t have been much better."

Daniel Ricciardo was able to recover only to 12th, having started from 19th position.

"In the first few laps we made up some positions and did what we could and then we went for an aggressive first stop," he said.

"When we put the primes on, we didn’t really have the tyre life we thought we would so we still had to do a three stop race, running at a pretty similar pace to the cars around us.

"Parts of the race were a little bit boring, although I had a nice battle with Sergio [Perez] for a few laps, which was encouraging. I had to get around him twice and that kept me excited for a while."

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