Webber: Austin an important weekend after 'joke' Abu Dhabi

By on Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Photo credit: Red Bull GEPA

Mark Webber believes that the United States Grand Prix will be an important race for Red Bull as the team looks to secure both titles.

Red Bull is almost guaranteed of the Constructors Championship, while Sebastian Vettel needs a twenty-five point lead to take his third world title.

"Clearly, Austin's a very important weekend because Brazil can throw up some 'funnies'", Webber told The Age.

"There can be a bit of rain around there, so that's a bit more of a nervous venue. I'm not saying it can't rain at Austin, but Brazil can be incredibly inconsistent with the weather, so that might come into the mix".

Webber is also hoping to be back at the front after a dismal race in Abu Dhabi, where he started from the front row but crashed out during the race.

"Hopefully I'll have a good grandstand seat. I'll be right in there - we have been at the past few events. Obviously, Abu Dhabi was a bit of a joke, but in the other ones recently we've been right there and I'm looking forward to finishing the season off with some good, really good results".

''And if I manage to see some of the racing unfold close by, then I'll watch how it all turns out. If it's in my mirrors, all the better; if it's just in front, we'll see what happens".

Webber occasionally makes poor getaways, one of which led to his poor showing in Abu Dhabi. The Australian believes that avoiding another Lap 1 slip back is crucial to a good result in the race.

"You just don't want to be in the position where you need to be coming back and fighting through because, ultimately, it'll come and bite you in the arse".

''When you have a poor start, you're exposed. All of a sudden you have to do some racing, which I'm fine with, but the numbers are a bit more against you in terms of having smooth Sunday afternoons when you get caught in the pack. You might have a little bit of contact here and there, which we did".

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