F1's best will prevail in 2012 says Brawn

By on Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ross Brawn. Photo credit: Mercedes AMGF1

F1's current unbalance of power will eventually settle, leaving the best teams at the front of the pack.

That is the view of Ross Brawn, despite Pirelli chief Paul Hembery predicting that Barcelona could crown a fifth different winning team and driver this weekend.

But Mercedes chief Brawn thinks the thrills and spills will ultimate settle.

"In the end, the best will prevail," he is quoted by Germany's Auto Motor und Sport, "because they will get it right with the tyres more often.

"It may take a little more time, but I think ultimately the good teams and the good drivers always do the better job," added Brawn.

The situation so far in 2012 has seen Mercedes and Nico Rosberg break through with pole and victory in China, but Briton Brawn is not sure he would describe the season as "thrilling".

"Perhaps (it is) for the spectators," he smiled, "for the teams it's just more difficult.

"The first four races were marked by inconsistency for all the teams. We are still getting experience with our cars, but especially how they work with the new tyres.

"Obviously for the sport, it's great."

And Brawn is confident Mercedes can keep up with the development speed of the best teams, including McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari.

"Yes. We have brought in Bob Bell, Aldo Costa and Geoff Willis, which is paying off now, as are some other strategic changes.

"I do not think we are inferior to our competitors in any way," he insisted.

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