F1 flotation could be delayed

By on Friday, May 25, 2012

Bernie Ecclestone

A plan for Formula One to be floated on the Singapore stock market could be delayed, Bernie Ecclestone hinted.

CVC had hoped to sell their shares but in the wake of Facebook's recent slump, F1's supremo has given a warning about acting prematurely.

"The market doesn't look too bright after that little bit of a problem with Facebook. So I think they are going to wait and see", Ecclestone told CNN.

Despite the problems with the stock market, Ecclestone confirmed that talks are progressing positively regarding the future of the sport.

"Well we've just got people now, all the current teams, to sign up until 2020 and then I hope another 10 years after that and then forever. Everybody has agreed with it."

When pushed regarding Mercedes's involvement in the sport, Ecclestone replied; "You'll have to wait to see if Mercedes have but I'm confident everything with Mercedes will be fine. "I appreciate and support Mercedes probably more than anyone in F1. But the way it was done was on results and we couldn't falsify the results because if we did other people would complain."

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