Vettel downplays matching Ascari's record

By on Sunday, November 24, 2013
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

World champion Sebastian Vettel has downplayed his record ninth successive Formula 1 victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Vettel's achievement matches that of double champion Alberto Ascari, who won nine straight races in 1951 and 1952, although the Italian did not enter the Indianapolis 500, which was then part of the championship.

"I don’t want to compare the record what we have got today; it’s not fair as it was a different time when Ascari was driving," said Vettel.

"Cars broke down more often then and teams were less consistent, so therefore it’s a different type of record that we have got today."

"For all of us in the whole team we love coming to work and giving it all we have. There’s a great spirit and it’s sad in a way that the year comes to an end, but that’s how it is. I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to a break to get the batteries charged and to look forward to next year."

"My start wasn’t so good today, but I was able to get past Rosberg. It was hard to know what was going to happen in today’s race. When we came for the second pit stop, it was a late call and then we had to wait for the tyres. We managed to recover with some laps to go."

Vettel also paid tribute to outgoing team-mate Mark Webber, who finished in second place behind the German.

"Today was of course Mark’s last race. We didn’t have the best relationship, but nevertheless we always had respect for each other on a professional level and whatever was going on off-track, didn’t make a difference to us on track and we both pushed each other very hard."

"I certainly learned a lot from Mark. I learned to become a better driver, due to his impressive skills; that’s why I consider him one of the best drivers on the grid."

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