Massa knows every point crucial for Alonso

By on Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photo credit: Ferrari S.p.A.

Felipe Massa's upturn in form continued as he finished fourth in the Korean Grand Prix.

The Brazilian, who is expected to stay on into 2013, drove a strong race on the tail of his team-mate.

"After Suzuka, this was another fantastic race for me. I managed to run at a great pace from start to finish", he said.

"I always managed to get a hundred percent out of the car and I am very pleased about that. It was important to pass Kimi and then Hamilton, because from then on, I was able to run at my pace. Towards the end, I closed on Fernando but attacking him was never even up for discussion: I know how important every single point is in the title fight. The whole team is doing its utmost to help Fernando and I am there for him, just as the team is and as it has been for me when I found myself in the same situation".

Massa added that he has been enjoying the second part of the season.

"In this second part of the season, I have probably understood the best way to drive this car on these tyres: now I’m enjoying myself and it’s a pleasure to make the most of everything I’ve got when sitting in the cockpit. Maybe there was also some pressure regarding my future coming into play: but at a certain point I told myself I should not think about it too much anymore and probably this approach helped. Now I feel stronger and when you enjoy what you are doing, it’s the best".

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