Massa: I no longer trust Perez

By on Thursday, June 19, 2014
Williams Martini Racing

Williams Martini Racing

Williams driver Felipe Massa says he no longer trusts Force India rival Sergio Perez after the duo collided in Canada.

Massa and Perez were battling over fourth position when the pair made contact approaching the first corner on the final lap.

Both drivers suffered heavy impacts with the barriers while the stewards opted to give Perez a five place grid penalty for this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix, a sanction which Force India is contesting.

"I will think twice, because I believed he would not move his car," Massa said.

"I believed him. You can't believe now when somebody who is paying so many penalties and causing so many problems, you can't believe … I will not trust him anymore, definitely."

Massa went as far as to suggest that the Mexican faces gaining a reputation similar to Romain Grosjean's before the Frenchman was banned for one race after causing a start collision in Belgium.

"The best chance is for him to accept it. We saw that another driver had a lot of problems in the past and lost a race as a result of the accident he caused at Spa, but he learned.

"This is something that [he] needs to learn. If I made a mistake I would be the first one to say 'it was my mistake and I'm sorry', like I always did when I made a mistake. I was very disappointed with him in the hospital. I said that it was dangerous and that he needs to learn, but he just turned and left."

Perez, for his part, believes that Force India has sufficient evidence to prove the stewards were wrong.

"I have my opinion and we just have to sit down but also we will get the opportunity tomorrow with the FIA to review the accident once again as we believe we have enough evidence to prove that I did nothing wrong," he said.


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