Webber not satisfied with push for second place

By on Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mark Webber. Photo credit: Red Bull GEPA

Red Bull has set its sights on powering Mark Webber to second place in the drivers' standings, but the Australian has revealed he is not overly interested.

The achievement will complete a perfect clean sweep for the energy drink-owned team in 2011, comprising the constructors' championship and first and second places in the separate drivers' standings.

But Webber, currently fourth, admitted to Die Welt newspaper: "I'm more interested in victories than the overall standings.

"If I have not won a race and at the end of the season I'm second (overall), I won't be satisfied," added the 35-year-old.

Separately, France's L'Equipe reportedly suggested that team boss Christian Horner's eagerness to help Webber in the last races of 2011 has come "late".

"We will see how the next races go," he responded. "I have not answered your question!"

The implication is that Red Bull is happy to see him fall in line behind Sebastian Vettel, but the Australian denies he has a bad relationship with his German teammate.

Welt said evidence of their frosty friendship was the missing congratulations after Vettel wrapped up his drivers' title in Japan.

"That's not right," insisted Webber. "On the night he won the title I sent him a text that said 'Well done, you deserve it'.

"He answered it the next morning, and I thought it was amazing that after the night he had he could still move his fingers," joked the winner of 6 grands prix.

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