Schumacher remains in critical condition in hospital

By on Monday, December 30, 2013
Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes AMG Petronas. File photo.

Michael Schumacher remains in a critical condition in an induced coma following a skiing accident on Sunday.

Schumacher was skiing in the French Alps on Sunday when he fell and hit his head on a rock.

He was taken to the nearby hospital in Moutiers but was soon transferred to the larger hospital in Grenoble, France.

Doctors from the hospital held a press conference late on Monday morning.

"Michael Schumacher was the victim of very serious trauma", said a hospital spokesman. "He was very agitated when he arrived and we decided he was in a critical situation and he quickly went into a coma. The neurosurgical treatment he received brought us quite a lot of information. We had to operate urgently to release some pressure in his head. Unfortunately, he has some lesions within his brain."

Schumacher was operated on after it was discovered that he had cerebral contusion and edema. Professor Jean-Francois Payen added that Schumacher is in a coma and that the situation is being evaluated on an hourly basis.

"I'd say this accident happened in the right place because he was taken into hospital immediately and operated on as soon as he arrived, this meant his state is critical and he is still in a coma and he will be kept in a coma. Everything that needed to be done has been done at the moment we can't really say when he will recover, we cannot answer this yet.

"We can say he is fighting for his life. We judge him to be in a very serious situation. We cannot tell what the outcome will be yet. We are working hour-by-hour but it's too early to say what is going to happen and to have a prognosis.

"We think his helmet did help, without a helmet he wouldn't be here now."

Doctors added that they currently have no intention to undertake a second operation but they are evaluating the situation on an hourly basis and were unwilling to offer information regarding his future condition.

"He is under local anaesthetic at the moment to reduce any stimulus. It was quite a big trauma to the head. What we observed initially was an impact to the right side of the head. He was agitated when he came in. He had some spontaneous movements and wasn't in a normal state when he came in," a spokesman said.

This story will be updated with further information.

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