Rosberg not thinking about world title

By on Friday, August 23, 2013

Rosberg SilverstoneNico Rosberg insists he is not thinking about the world championship, despite Mercedes having won three races this season.

Rosberg is 88 points behind championship leader Sebastian Vettel but has triumphed on two occasions, in Monaco and Britain.

When asked whether Mercedes should be considered as title contenders, Rosberg said "You can if you want to, I’m not going to forbid you, but me? No, I’m thinking race by race and that’s the best way to do it – to try and get a fantastic result at each race and that’s what I'm focused on."

Rosberg described having a race winning car as a 'nice feeling' but balanced his enthusiasm with caution.

"I’m very confident because the team is going in the right direction with the car and that’s great to see. I have high hopes that I have a car to get a great result an that’s a nice feeling. Then again I have to be cautious as it's [Spa] such a different track to Hungary, completely different with low downforce and everything, [so] it’s not really possible to know how to do."

Rosberg also said that next year's regulation changes are 'so complicated' and that he has been heavily involved in the development of Mercedes's 2014 car.

"For next year it’s so big the change that I like to be involved early on as there becomes a point where you can’t change things any more and when that date comes, it’s fixed, you can’t change anymore."

"So I like to be involved early, especially now. It’s unbelievable, so complicated"

Rosberg does not think that the changes will be felt hugely on the driving side and says that adaptation is key in the sport.

"When Traction Control went [in 2008] everyone said ‘oh we’ll see a lot of people spinning’ and in the end we were quick to adapt."

"It’s what Formula 1 is about all the time, I don’t think it’ll be too big a thing but of course it’ll be different and to optimise it takes work and time."

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