Grosjean seeking 'right balance' in Monaco

By on Sunday, May 17, 2015
Lotus F1 Team

Lotus F1 Team

Lotus driver Romain Grosjean says he is hoping to find the right balance in order to continue his run of points at next weekend's Monaco Grand Prix.

Grosjean claimed points in China, Bahrain and Spain to already surpass his total from the 2014 season.

Grosjean is hoping to enjoy another good showing around the streets of Monte Carlo, where the Frenchman crashed out in both 2012 and 2013.

"It’s great to see so much French support every year and there are so many flags and banners," he said.

"It’s a very challenging circuit and unique on the calendar. As a driver you have to stay calm and relaxed on a track that doesn’t allow for any mistakes.

"I’ve been super quick in the past, but I’ve also hit the walls too, so there’s a real balance to be struck. It’s an exciting and glamorous Grand Prix but always a step into the unknown, because it’s difficult to predict how well each car will work there. It’s a crazy week with all the focus and attention, but everyone loves Monaco."

Grosjean believes that the adaptability of Lotus' E23 Hybrid should aid the squad's prospects.

"The emphasis at Monaco is on low speed corners, which is historically hasn’t been our greatest strength, but this year our package as proved to be pretty good no matter what the circuit layout: the E23 is a pretty adaptable car!"

"Bumpy straights and a low grip surface are the other main Monaco characteristics and how well you adapt to them can make or break your weekend. We generally prefer the softer tyres of Pirelli’s range, but you need really, really soft and grippy tyres for Monaco as it’s so slippery!

"Monaco is less engine dependent than most circuits which puts a premium on the driveability and set-up of the car. The E23 has been pretty confidence-inspiring which is something very good on a street course."

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