Kobayashi: Like driving on ice

By on Saturday, May 10, 2014
Caterham F1 Team

Caterham F1 Team

A downbeat Kamui Kobayashi said that driving in qualifying was like driving 'on ice' as he qualified in 21st place for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Caterham has struggled throughout the weekend with its Formula 1 duo being unable to better the lap times set by their counterparts in GP2.

Kobayashi said he was simply unable to get heat into his tyres.

"This is all we can do, unfortunately," he said. "We don’t want to be here, but this is straightforward."

"[The tyres are] too hard, for me. I say, ‘this is stone, not tyres, it’s stone’. It’s like stone tyres, it's so difficult. There’s no heat, it’s like running on ice."

"It's not only us that has these problems.

"I was talking today with a Super Formula driver and I think our lap time is like that. In the end though it's about the technology and this is only the beginning."

"Due to the tyre for me we cannot push 100%, and if we push it's just overheating."

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