We threw it all away - Button

By on Sunday, July 27, 2014
McLaren Mercedes

McLaren Mercedes

Jenson Button says that McLaren threw away a chance of a strong result after calling the conditions wrong during the first pit stop phase.

Button jumped up to fifth at the start in conditions suitable for Intermediate tyres and was able to dive into the pits just as the Safety Car was deployed.

But while eventual race winner Daniel Ricciardo switched to Options, Button remained on Intermediates as McLaren anticipated the wet weather to return.

It remained dry, forcing Button to pit after just a lap. He recovered only to 10th.

"We obviously use a different radar to everyone else as the team thought it was going to rain," he said.

"I did everything right in the race and it's tough. Fifth at the start, [I] put the car in a good place and we threw it all away."

Team-mate Kevin Magnussen made a similar decision but having started from the pits, the Dane regarded it as a gamble worth taking.

"We didn’t make the best of things today, but having started from the pit lane, I don’t think I really lost too much by choosing to stay on the Inters when everybody pitted for dries," he said.

"I know we took a risk to wait for more rain, but I think we had to take that risk."

Magnussen eventually finished the race in 12th position.

"I don’t think things would’ve been much different if we’d made a different strategy call, but we now need to sit down with the engineers and strategists to discuss it.

"Once we switched to the Prime, we didn’t have the pace to challenge for too many points. After a race like today’s, we just need to stay positive and look for areas where we can further improve."

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