Vettel surprised by two-stop superiority

By on Sunday, May 15, 2016
Ferrari Media

Ferrari Media

Sebastian Vettel admitted his surprise at a two-stop strategy being the better approach during the Spanish Grand Prix, as he finished the race in third place.

Vettel trailed Red Bull rivals Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen across the first stint of the race but was in the mix for victory, as both he and Ricciardo adopted three-stop strategies.

However, Verstappen and Vettel's Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen moved into the top two positions after stopping only twice, with the order retained until the end of the race, as the two-stop approached proved decisive.

"We were surprised by how superior the two stop was," he said.

"From their point of view [Red Bull] they tried to cover as much as they could with the lead car but for Daniel and myself the three stop wasn’t really superior.

"Then I had an interesting race trying to hold him off, he was quicker than us in last sector so it was a bit difficult to hold him off.

"All in all I think I had high hopes after Turn 4 [when the Mercedes drivers collided] to have a go and win a race, we tried everything, on my side in hindsight was the worse strategy but this doesn’t matter now.

"Max won the race, it’s his day, he deserves it, he did a great race."

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