Vettel: "It was a small issue causing a big one"

By on Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sebastian Vettel was robbed of any chance to fight for a victory in Japan when a spark plug on one cylinder failed. The German driver started the race on the right side alongside Lewis Hamilton and got off the line well, but not well enough to take the lead. His car was already showing a problem with the ignition as he lost one place on the opening lap.

As Vettel dropped on sixth and continued to loose ground, he was called back into the pits where the mechanics tried to fix the problem. However, a few minutes later the Ferrari driver climbed out of the cockpit.

"I don’t know if this situation has much to do with reliability. But we didn’t finish the race, so there is a problem," says Vettel.

"I think it was a small issue causing a big one. We didn’t have power already at the start and we tried to reset everything getting the power back, but something didn’t work.

"Of course now the Championship is more difficult and not finishing the race doesn’t help. I also said to the guys to get back home and have some rest because it’s been a tough week with a lot of changes. Then we’ll come back with a better package to do well for the last four races and then we’ll see. Overall, I believe the team is in a good way. We are improving race by race and there are positive aspects too. But, of course, today you can’t look too much at positive things."

However, Kimi Raikkonen’s performance at Suzuka proved that the team and the car are capable of getting the job done.

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