Vandoorne scores point in maiden F1 race

By on Sunday, April 3, 2016
McLaren Honda

McLaren Honda

Stoffel Vandoorne believes he showed his capabilities as he claimed a world championship point on his Formula 1 debut with McLaren.

Vandoorne started the race from 12th place and was a key player in the midfield battle as he rounded out the top 10, driving in place of Fernando Alonso.

"This result was more or less what I expected – I maximised the opportunity and I’m quite satisfied," said Vandoorne.

"The start was a little bit difficult. There was debris left and right – it was pretty hectic in fact – and there was a lot of fighting throughout that opening lap.

"Since the beginning of the weekend, I’ve felt very confident in the car, and pretty comfortable that I could do a good job. I’m pleased that I didn’t make any mistakes operationally – I was really focusing on that side of things – and I came away with a point, which was a nice bonus.

"This weekend was a big opportunity for me: I made the most of it, I showed what I’m capable of, and now I just need to wait and see what happens next. That’s not for me to decide – so let’s see what the future brings."

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