Stuck rear brakes cause fiery end for Vergne

By on Saturday, October 12, 2013
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

A rear brake issue forced Jean-Eric Vergne out of qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix.

The French driver left the pits for his second run in the first knockout segment when his Toro Rosso developed a brake problem.

The brakes subsequently caught fire and the session was suspended while marshals recovered Vergne's stricken car.

"As I was going out of the pits, my engineer was on the radio to me, so I had to wait until the middle of sector 1 before I could tell him something," he said.

"I thought I had an engine problem, but then I realised the rear brakes were stuck. I tried to brake and there was nothing in the pedal, then I saw the fire and had to stop the car."

"The team will have a lot of work to do tonight, because it took quite a while for the fire to be out. Hopefully the main components are undamaged, the engine and gearbox, but there will be many things to change. I am fine, apart from getting a bit of fire extinguisher material in my helmet."

Vergne will start from 17th place on the grid and admits that he faces a difficult race.

All this bad luck? I just hope that I have used up all my share of it for next year too. It won’t be an easy race starting from this far back, especially as it is not so easy to overtake at Suzuka

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