Spa straights may or may not suit Red Bull

By on Friday, August 26, 2011

Spa-Francorchamps may or may not suit F1's championship-leading Red Bull car.

While Adrian Newey's RB7 is very good in fast corners, it has been suggested that the Belgian layout is not suitable from the perspective of the slightly underpowered Renault engine.

"There are a few too many straight lines," admitted world champion Sebastian Vettel, according to Auto Motor und Sport.

Teammate Mark Webber however is not so sure.

"The (performance) swings from track to track are not as big as they were in the past," said the Australian.

"On the tracks that are traditionally good for us, we were not as superior (in 2011), so I am assuming that at places that aren't really good for us we will maybe be less disadvantaged."

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