Schumacher gearing up for 300th event

By on Friday, August 24, 2012

Schumacher celebrated his 20th anniversary in Spa last year. Now it's time for 300...

Michael Schumacher is gearing up for his 300th Formula One event next weekend in Belgium.

Somewhat fittingly, the seven times world champion made his debut in Spa in 1991 and followed this up with his maiden victory a year later.

"Spa is like my living room; for me, it's clearly the number one race track in the world. It's uncanny how I always seem to have special
moments there - my debut, my first win, a world championship victory and many great races. The fact that I will also take part in my 300th Grand Prix at Spa was somehow almost inevitable and we will have to celebrate it in the right way. I'm proud to be just the second driver in the history of the sport to reach this milestone and there's no question that we are looking to have a particularly nice weekend. We delivered a good performance in Spa last year; I'll be doing everything possible to drive a strong race"

Team mate Nico Rosberg also expressed his enthusiasm at the race in the Ardennes forest.

"I always look forward to racing at Spa; it's one of the highlights of the season and definitely one of my favourite tracks. The circuit itself is outstanding, with of course the most exciting corner of the calendar in Eau Rouge"

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