Ricciardo and Vettel top Friday practice

By on Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday’s F1 track action has come to an end at the Hungaroring with Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel leading FP2 with a mark of 1:16.834, which was .074 of a second better than his nearest pursuer, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. The Hungaroring track record of 1:16.276, set last year by Vettel in the final round of qualifying, remained intact.

“I was pretty happy in the afternoon” Vettel said “more than in the morning session, as I think the car is performing well also over one lap.

"We can still improve, but this has been one of the best Fridays so far, technically speaking. Having a great amount of work ahead of us is probably the best thing for keeping our mind busy and getting through the weekend. It’s not easy, but I focused on the job to do. On this track, the qualifying session and the start are very important and can make the difference because overtaking is very difficult. Getting ahead after the first couple of corners is crucial, but there’s a lot of work to do before getting to that point”.

Leading the way in FP1 was Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo, whose fast lap of 1:17.613 was .079 of a second better than the next quickest driver.

FP1 results:

1.  D. Ricciardo Red Bull 01:17.613
2.  S. Vettel Ferrari 01:17.692
3.  M. Verstappen Red Bull 01:17.701
4.  K. Räikkönen Ferrari 01:17.948
5.  L. Hamilton Mercedes 01:18.036
6.  V. Bottas Mercedes 01:18.470
7.  R. Grosjean Haas 01:18.975
8.  N. Hulkenberg Renault 01:19.025
9.  C. Sainz Jr. Renault 01:19.128
10.  K. Magnussen Haas 01:19.187
11.  P. Gasly Toro Rosso 01:19.352
12.  F. Alonso McLaren 01:19.690
13.  B. Hartley Toro Rosso 01:19.841
14.  L. Stroll Williams 01:20.012
15.  E. Ocon Force India 01:20.065
16.  S. Vandoorne McLaren 01:20.151
17.  S. Pérez Force India 01:20.159
18.  A. Giovinazzi Sauber 01:20.293
19.  S. Sirotkin Williams 01:20.307
20.  M. Ericsson Sauber 01:20.697

FP2 results:

1.  S. Vettel Ferrari 01:16.834
2.  M. Verstappen Red Bull 01:16.908
3.  D. Ricciardo Red Bull 01:17.061
4.  K. Räikkönen Ferrari 01:17.153
5.  L. Hamilton Mercedes 01:17.587
6.  V. Bottas Mercedes 01:17.868
7.  R. Grosjean Haas 01:18.065
8.  C. Sainz Jr. Renault 01:18.495
9.  P. Gasly Toro Rosso 01:18.518
10.  E. Ocon Force India 01:18.761
11.  S. Pérez Force India 01:18.850
12.  F. Alonso McLaren 01:18.857
13.  K. Magnussen Haas 01:18.880
14.  N. Hulkenberg Renault 01:18.913
15.  B. Hartley Toro Rosso 01:18.916
16.  M. Ericsson Sauber 01:19.043
17.  C. Leclerc Sauber 01:19.137
18.  L. Stroll Williams 01:19.645
19.  S. Vandoorne McLaren 01:19.712
20.  S. Sirotkin Williams 01:19.770

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