Perez: Podium not realistic target for McLaren

By on Friday, June 28, 2013

Sergio-PerezMcLaren driver Sergio Perez says it is unrealistic to expect his team to fight for a podium finish at this weekend's British Grand Prix.

McLaren sit in sixth place in the world championship while Perez has not scored a point for two races.

"It's not a realistic target at the moment," Perez said of his hopes for a podium. "We are still quite far from a podium but I think we can be happy with the progress and if we [make] bigger progress we’ll be able to fight for a top six. That would be a very good result to look forward for the next couple of races, before the summer break."

Perez admitted that it's been a tough first season with McLaren.

"When you join a team like McLaren you expect yourself to be fighting for wins. It’s been a very tough season but we've got to take the positives. I’ve learned a lot and have come along with the team very well so I really think better times will come soon."

"We are not struggling with one thing. It’s just a lack of many things and this makes it very difficult."

"At the end of the day the only positive we can take from the difficulties we’ve had is that I have come with the team very well. We are learning a lot, trying to maximize everything and this really helps and I believe that when the car is capable of winning, we are ready to win.

"At McLaren, the way you set up your car, communicate with the team is very different than what I was used to at Sauber so it took me a bit of time to adapt to those kind of things but I think my adaptation has been great and right now I’m in top of it so I really look forward to have a very strong end of the season."

Despite their woes, Perez says finishing the season without a victory would be a disappointment.

"It will be a very big disappointment if we won’t manage to win a race but we’re not giving up. The team is really pushing very hard."

Perez also says he 'doesn't care' if he upsets all of his rivals, so long as he is doing a good job for McLaren.

"At the end of the day I’m here to fight for my team and to give my very best for my team. I try to maximise everything I've got and if that means that I upset all the drivers I really don’t care. I’m here to make the best for my team and I will keep doing it until I retire. I will always try to give my very best for the team I am driving for."

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