Monaco to tweak tunnel run-off for 2012

By on Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jun.1 (GMM) Reports this week suggest Monaco is likely to make changes to the run-off at the end of the tunnel ahead of the 2012 race.

Nico Rosberg and Sergio Perez both had high speed crashes after losing control under braking for the corner, raising serious concerns about the barrier that in the past also injured Jenson Button (2003) and Karl Wendlinger (1994).

Asked why the situation seemed worse this year, British commentator Eddie Jordan told the German newspaper Welt: "It's probably a combination of things.

"The new aerodynamics, the tyres, the asphalt. It's always been a tricky place.

"The FIA is required to protect the driver to the best of their ability. It has done a lot since then (1994) and it's doing its best: after Rosberg's crash they took away the kerbs.

"The place where Perez crashed is protected with special cushioning, but it needs to be considered now what more can be done," added Jordan.

Agreed his BBC colleague Martin Brundle: "I'm sure they will need to make changes yet again to the tunnel exit chicane run off area, but Monaco will remain one of the greatest sporting challenges.

"And that means it will remain dangerous too," he said.

It is believed the reaction for 2012 will be the further moving back of the barrier.

"It's a tricky corner and it's an area where it's very difficult to do anything about in terms of safety because it is what it is," said Button.

"It's Monaco, a street circuit, but I still think we need to look further as to what we can do with the run off there."

Jordan said the danger at Monaco needs to be weighed against its unique place on the calendar.

"I know a lot of cynics in the paddock," he said. "Monte Carlo is one of the old tracks but that myth is part of our show.

"As long as there isn't a catastrophe, it will keep going."

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