Monaco fire damages track surface

By on Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25 (GMM) Organisers of the Monaco grand prix have been working to repair damage to the track after a truck fire this week.

A small lorry, parked in the braking zone for the turn one Ste-Devote corner while workers made minor improvements to the famous street circuit, spectacularly caught fire earlier this week.

The fire caused burn damage to the actual track surface and workers have ever since been making repairs that have been described as "major".

Posting a photo of the repair work, former F1 driver and British commentator Martin Brundle explained on Twitter that the damage has taken place at the "turn-in point" of the corner at the end of the pit straight.

It is feared the new asphalt will not have time to properly dry and cure before opening practice on Thursday morning.

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