Kubica: It is a good feeling

By on Friday, May 11, 2018

Robert Kubica returned to racing during a Formula 1 weekend for the first time since Abu Dhabi in 2010 - a few month before his rally crash. The Pole drove 24 laps in the first practice session for Williams, setting the 19th best time, 1.3s quicker than his team mate Lance Stroll.

"It is a good feeling – not so much from being in the car but from before that, because I’m back driving in an official session, even if it’s only FP1. It’s the first time since the end of 2010 so there’s some emotion, but this disappeared very soon as we have quite a difficult car to drive", says Kubica.

"The balance was quite off, but somehow we have to stick to what we’ve got to complete our aero tests and evaluations. It wasn’t an easy session, but we managed in difficult conditions and I was able to give some good feedback. When you’re struggling so much it’s difficult to enjoy it, but still I’m happy because I think the most difficult car we’ve had was in this session and I managed to stay cool, and somehow extract what I thought was a reasonable level of performance. I think I can be happy as I did what I was asked to do."

Kubica is set to drive again in testing next week, as well as in FP1 in Austria and Abu Dhabi.

"Firstly I want to congratulate Robert on his first official F1 session since he left the sport at the end of 2010. He did a fantastic job for us today, and it is a great credit to his determination and character that we have seen his return to F1", Paddy Lowe, Chief Technical Officer added.

"I’m only sorry that the car we gave him for FP1 was extremely difficult. But he did the very best job possible and provided valuable feedback. Overall it was not a good day. We didn’t expect this to be a strong circuit for us, given the problems we’ve been having with the FW41 all year, but our pace is worse than we predicted. The underlying problems are understood and will be fixed in due course. On top of that we are struggling with the supersoft tyre in particular on this track. Nevertheless, we made some progress between FP1 and FP2 and I’m sure we can do much more overnight to find a better balance for qualifying and the race."

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