Il s'appelle Thomas

By on Sunday, May 14, 2017

From agony to happiness. This is what Thomas, a six year old boy from Amiens (France) experienced during his first ever live Formula One race. The little man touched the hearts of the entire Formula One community after being broadcast crying at the start of the Spanish Grand Prix, after his racing hero crashed and retired from the race.

But tears turned into smiles as Ferrari invited him and his family into the Formula One paddock, where he met Kimi Raikkonen and soon become as famous as his idol. 

"J’etais tres, tres, triste" (I was very, very sad), Thomas said when asked why he was crying earlier today. 

Thomas' mother, Coralie, reckons she was also heartbroken when Raikkonen retired from the race but could have never imagined something like this will ever happen to them.

"The Spanish GP weekend was our Christmas present. We decided not to buy presents but save the money to come to this race", she told F1Zone.

"I've been watching Formula One since I was a kid. I was a Michael Schumacher supporter and saw him racing once in France few years ago. I've been supporting Kimi Raikkonen since a few years and it was a dream to also see him race once. 

"It was unbelievable to see Thomas' reaction when he saw Kimi. He got so emotional and said it is the happiest day of his life.

"It was a dream come true for us."

Coralie explained it all started the day they took baby Thomas a picture [on the right] in his Ferrari gear and made him a promise that by the time he will turn six, they will go to a Formula One race together. 

Thomas' father, Jordan, admits it was his wife who got him into Fomula One: "I started watching races on TV with my wife. We've been Ferrari fans for a very long time and this was my first live Grand Prix.

"Thomas was very excited when we told him that we will come to Barcelona. We were every day at the track and he enjoyed every minute here.

"When they came to pick us up from the tribune, he didn't understand what is going on. Later on, when he saw Kimi, he was shocked. He was very emotional, didn't know what to say."

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