Crashes due to 'risks' not lack of focus - Schumacher

By on Monday, July 18, 2011

Jul.18 (GMM) Michael Schumacher insists his crashes this season are a mark of his push to the front of the grid rather than a sign he is no longer fully focused.

Some commentators have observed that the seven time world champion has been involved in more incidents since he returned to F1 last year as compared with his ultra-successful first career spanning a record 91 victories.

"Each of the collisions this season had a different reason," the 42-year-old German responded to Auto Motor und Sport.

"I'm no different to before and certainly not unfocused. Believe me, I have found some unfortunate situations unnecessary and would gladly have avoided them.

"I am just fighting as hard as I can to get to the front, and for that I have to take some risks," added Schumacher.

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