Alonso absolves Gutierrez of blame for clash

By on Sunday, March 20, 2016
McLaren Honda

McLaren Honda

Fernando Alonso believes he is lucky to be alive after walking away from a high-speed accident in Australia, and has absolved Esteban Gutierrez of blame.

Alonso clipped the back of Gutierrez on the approach of Turn 3 and slammed into the wall, before his McLaren was tipped into a roll across the gravel.

Alonso walked away from the wreckage of his car and was given the all-clear after a quick trip to the medical centre.

"No, I don’t think so," he said when asked if Gutierrez was to blame.

"We are racing, fighting, I took the slipstream as much as you could, in the last moment I moved, obviously you see only the rear wing, not the full vision of the track and for him the same thing while defending, but I’m okay and that is the real important point."

Alonso thanked the FIA and its safety developments for his ability to walk away unscathed.

"I’m okay, trying to put everything in place again, was a scary moment, scary crash, lucky to be here, thankful to FIA and safety as probably I am alive thanks to that," he exlained.

"We were racing, we had the opportunity for points, we lost probably the whole car and power unit due to it but I am super happy to be here."

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