Vettel secures pole on home ground

By on Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sebastian Vettel qualified in pole position for tomorrow’s German Grand Prix at the Hockenheimring. His lap of 1:11.212 was good enough to secure his 55th pole position, the fifth this year. Team-mate Kimi Raikkonen will start tomorrow’s race from third on the grid having set a best time of 1:11.547. Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas split the two Ferraris in P2 while his team-mate Lewis Hamilton retired with a hydraulic problem in Q3.

“You always try to do your best every day. Today has been one of those days, the car was fantastic," said Vettel.

"I could feel it in Q1 already and then in Q3 I knew I could get a good lap. Racing here in Germany means a lot to me and hopefully we can get first place tomorrow. We built a strong car and we know there’s still potential. Also, we know we can still improve race by race, because there’s still some weaknesses, but overall we are competitive and strong. So, it’s up to us to make good use of this potential everywhere we go”.

Qualifying results:

1.  S. Vettel    Ferrari    01:12.538    01:12.505    01:11.212
2.  V. Bottas    Mercedes    01:12.962    01:12.152    01:11.416
3.  K. Räikkönen    Ferrari    01:12.505    01:12.336    01:11.547
4.  M. Verstappen    Red Bull    01:13.127    01:12.188    01:11.822
5.  K. Magnussen    Haas    01:13.105    01:12.523    01:12.200
6.  R. Grosjean    Haas    01:12.986    01:12.722    01:12.544
7.  N. Hulkenberg    Renault    01:13.479    01:12.946    01:12.560
8.  C. Sainz Jr.    Renault    01:13.324    01:13.032    01:12.692
9.  C. Leclerc    Sauber    01:13.077    01:12.995    01:12.717
10.  S. Pérez    Force India    01:13.427    01:13.072    01:12.774
11.  F. Alonso    McLaren    01:13.614    01:13.657
12.  S. Sirotkin    Williams    01:13.708    01:13.702
13.  M. Ericsson    Sauber    01:13.562    01:13.736
14.  L. Hamilton    Mercedes    01:13.614
15.  D. Ricciardo    Red Bull    01:13.708
16.  E. Ocon    Force India    01:13.720
17.  P. Gasly    Toro Rosso    01:13.749
18.  B. Hartley    Toro Rosso    01:14.045
19.  L. Stroll    Williams    01:14.206
20.  S. Vandoorne    McLaren    01:14.401

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