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Let's drink and chat with Charles Nickerson

Posted: 26 Jul 2012, 17:50
by f1-gast
Forgot about this forum untill my mate said yesterday i had an account here to, so hello !

Probably lots of you are asking yourself who the F is Charles Nickerson.
If i say Phoenix / D.A.R.T. GP, probably still a lot of you asking them self wtf is he talking about.

A short summary would be like this.
Back in February 2002 Prost was gone, but no it wasnt there was phoenix GP a team managed by Tom Walkinshaw and Charles Nickerson.
Though Arrows had financial problems, it wasn't a problem for Walkinshaw and his close friend to take over the prost GP stuff, though they forgot to buy the race licence...
Later that year the team was called D.A.R.T GP

Last year i managed it to get in contact with Charles Nickerson.
Back then he wasn't interested, and he thought i contacted him because there where rumours of Verstappen that would drive for Phoenix.
BUt i'm gonna try to get in contact again with him to get the story about the team etc and if there where really cars in Malaysia stuck at the douane.


So i hope there will come some great interview with him !