The direction of F1

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Re: The direction of F1

Post by mileso » 23 Jun 2015, 05:35

And thank you Sermilan! Great chart!

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Re: The direction of F1

Post by sermilan » 20 Apr 2016, 15:23

This will probably be my last post here and I am very, very, very sorry for that :(
This article indicates that F1 has been led tragically wrong since 2009 and that's why all discussions here have stopped too:
F1 has lost one-third of its TV audience since 2008

It's been real pleasure while it lasted, thank you for all your efforts to make this forum hugely enjoyable place! :thumbsup: Flag:##

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Re: The direction of F1

Post by m3ta1he4d » 29 Nov 2016, 06:44

F1 should be interesting in 2017 with the changes in car dimensions.. Red Bull might have a chance again with Adrian Newey on the design..

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