has anyone tried this yet?

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has anyone tried this yet?

Post by Fabz » 05 Aug 2015, 01:54

after having played BATracer for years and still playing it with few interruptions i've come across unitedgp.net recently and i am massively amazed.
this feels so much like the much missed BATracer Nextgen!

after all the trouble at BATracer when the massive majority of the people voted for a 3d approach to live racing which simply never came true,
this feels like BAT Nextgen.

It's a 2D live racing mangement simulation with a strong emphasis on live interaction.

admittedly, gameplay is much easier to grasp than BATracer. there are fewer parameters you have to commit to before and for an entire race. it has a strong focus on creating interactive action filled races. this means you will have driver actions you can have your driver do to enhance their performance in particular situations. it's totally up to you if and when to pull off a move.

around it is a management environment about developing your own parts, producing them and researching new tactics or technology.

your drivers, who can have special traits btw, are hired on contract and usually need some exercise to really shine. still at the end of their contract they might move on if you can't pay. so you better get them the best possible car to be successful and earn some cash as you advance through the classes....

it's only a short review. if you like it enter my referral code


and we can get into contact

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