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Re: Rate the 2012 British Grand Prix

Posted: 22 Jul 2012, 22:02
by lucian
@mileso: In Valencia, Vettel was obviously the fastest so yeah, he could have won easily, but I just think Alonso would be able to do the same or better in that Red Bull. I was more impressed in that race by Alonso because he made some ballsy overtakes and accomplished all that was humanly possible. Starting from 11 and getting to 2nd place is more worthy of respect (in my opinion) than just winning from pole with a car that is faster than any other by such a large margin. Alonso was more consistent this year, managed to get 2 pole positions in wet weather (beating Vettel, who is also very good in the rain), and his car only became competitive from the 5th race on.

And I don't really comment after each race, I am usually doing other things in my free time. :zz: