Rate The Australian Grand Prix

How do you rate the 2009 Australian Grand Prix?

Poll ended at 05 Apr 2009, 10:25

10/10: Absolutely perfect.
9/10: Superb race!
8/10: A great race!
7/10: Fun to watch
6/10: Quite good.
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5/10: Average.
4/10: Sub-par.
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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by Tommi » 29 Mar 2009, 11:39

1 - Best Driver : Jenson Button, Robert Kubica, Jarno Trulli ( :fear: )
2 - Best Team : Brawn GP & Force India
3 - Best Overtake : Many :)
4 - Best Moment : Kubica closing Vettel & Button
5 - Worst Driver : Kovalainen
6- Worst Team : Ferrari
7 - Biggest Surprise : Rubens 2nd after horrible start

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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by Totopupu » 29 Mar 2009, 11:44

1 - Best Driver : Kubica

2 - Best Team : Brawn GP

3 - Best Overtake : Barrichello on Webber at first corner :lol:

4 - Best Moment : Vettel VS Kubica

5 - Worst Driver : Raikkonen

6- Worst Team : Ferrari

7 - Biggest Surprise : Vettel and Red Bull

8 - General Comment : Fantastic race with many overtake
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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by TheViewer » 29 Mar 2009, 11:46

1 - Best Driver: Button
2 - Best Team: Brawn GP
3 - Best Overtake: Rosberg overtaking Raikkonen
4 - Best Moment: Brawn reclaiming positions 1 and 2
5 - Worst Driver: Piquet for deciding to 'go for it' regardless of brake temperature
6- Worst Team: Force India
7 - Biggest Surprise: Brawn taking first 1-2 for a new team in 55 years
8 - General Comment: Great way to begin the season, though shame about the unjust penalty to Vettel.

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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by blizzard » 29 Mar 2009, 11:48

dazmoffman wrote:[quote="blizzard"

Now sort this whole protesting fiasko out and we´re all eagerly anticipating Malaysia.
Hamilton beeing lucky in the end, after Trulli got a penalty.
^^ dont blame hamilton he didnt make the overtaking rule under safethy car from what i read hamilton gave the place back to truli gentlemanly conduct. unfortunatly i am sure we both know the protesting will continue way throughout the season[/quote]
dazmoffman wrote:[quote="blizzard

Just look up who I voted best driver mate. That will surely answer the question, wether I blame Hamilton for anything :O
Fact is Vettel, Kubica and Trulli all "out", so +3 for Lewis.

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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by Zack » 29 Mar 2009, 11:51

1 - Best Driver: Jenson Button ...awesome *Flawless*
2 - Best Team: Brawn GP ..errr i hate this team!
3 - Best Overtake: too many :lol:
4 - Best Moment: Start Ferrari's attack!
5 - Worst Driver: Ruben :zz: & Kimi
6 - Worst Team: RBR & Ferrari
7 - Biggest Surprise: Kubica - Vettel collision
8 - General Comment: It was great ...everything was random :lol:

BBC coverage :) ... *speechless* \m/
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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by F1~Michi » 29 Mar 2009, 11:52

Race: 9/10
Fantastic opening race, and apart from about 10 laps in the middle, there were hardly moments with no action on track. Many beautiful overtaking and battles, and in the end, the fight for the race victory got very close with Kubica storming to the top which made it even more interesting. An F1 season couldn't kick off in a better way! But just in case there are better races this season and because of the 10 less interesting laps... I'm gonna give it a 9.

1 - Best Driver: Buemi; Great and flawless drive, points in his very first race ain't bad!
2 - Best Team: Brawn GP, no doubt!
3 - Best Overtake: There were so many! But I'd say Glock and Alonso fighting in three corners
4 - Best Moment: Three-way battle for the victory in the end
5 - Worst Driver: Piquet, definitely!
6- Worst Team: Ferrari, no pace and reliability... no, let's not talk about that
7 - Biggest Surprise: Toyota catching up from the back
8 - General Comment: A shame Trulli was penalised, he had a great race! Apart from that, a superb first race, the rule changes definitely made F1 more interesting!
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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by Fergie1 » 29 Mar 2009, 12:31

1 - Best Driver - Button
2 - Best Team - Brawn
3 - Best Overtake - Rosberg on Kimi or one of Hamilton's do or dies
4 - Best Moment - Button winning or the Safety Car finish (lol)
5 - Worst Driver - Without a doubt, Piquet. The guy hasn't improved at all since last year.
6 - Worst Team - Ferrari, no points and reliability issues. Very poor.
7 - Biggest Surprise - Hamilton 4th (on original result). Veru surprising.
8 - General Comment - Very good BBC coverage, didn't know they were showing onboard online so at least ill know for next time. Very good 1 hour analysis after as well. 10/10 for the Beeb.
And Vettel's penalty is bull something or other. It was totally 50/50. Looking forward to seeing the stewards video on that one.

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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by coup » 29 Mar 2009, 13:11

1 - Best Driver - got to be button
2 - Best Team- this is obvious (brawn gp)
3 - Best Overtake- I don't think you can count kubica V vettel an overtake, so rosberg an raikkonen
4 - Best Moment - button winning
5 - Worst Driver- raikkonen wasn't great, neither was barrichello, considering his team mate lead every single lap
6- Worst Team- ferrari
7 - Biggest Surprise- buemi being ahead of bourdais, vettel running p2 for most of race
8 - General Comment- good start to the season, just need to get rid of all the protesting that went on this weekend, and we're looking at a great season ahead!

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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by Jaguar » 29 Mar 2009, 14:00

1 - Best Driver - Vettel
2 - Best Team - Brawn GP
3 - Best Overtake - Nico Rosberg on Kimi :D
4 - Best Moment - Vettel Chasing Jenson :P
5 - Worst Driver - Fisico :P (@ pits)
6- Worst Team - Toro Rosso (tho they got 3 pts because of crashes and problems)
7 - Biggest Surprise - SC last 3 laps :P
8 - General Comment - 1rst Race promises a good tough challenging season ahead , With/without KERS , with/without rear diffuser teams challenged , Ferrari and McLaren suffering , Williams shining , Red Bull-Brawn challenging , BMW striking ... all is good :D

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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by starbright » 29 Mar 2009, 14:09

1 - Best Driver
Kubica! Why? Driving without KERS and new fast diffuser and he manage to fight so well. And he fierce fight to the end!!
Buemi - 2 points in debut in F1!

2 - Best Team
Brawn GP

3 - Best Overtake

4 - Best Moment
Super fast Kubica after first pit, and closing to Vettel & Button after second pit.

5 - Worst Driver
Jarno Trulli - overtaking Hamilton during a safety car period. He was mindless.

6- Worst Team
Ferrari, no doubt.

7 - Biggest Surprise
Hamilton on 3th, Buemi scores, Vettel crash Kubica.

8 - General Comment
Great race, what a pity that Kubica crash. Maybe he would overtake Button on last lap, and that would be a 10/10 race! :n Without that, IMO 9/10. Great start of 2009 season.

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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by HamiltonF1 » 29 Mar 2009, 14:18

1 - Best Driver: Button, altough Hamilton's rush trough the field was pretty impressive to.
2 - Best Team: Brawn GP
3 - Best Overtake: Hamilton on Fisichella
4 - Best Moment: After the race the joy at BrawnGP
5 - Worst Driver: Raikkonen
6- Worst Team: Ferrari
7 - Biggest Surprise: The accident between Kubica and Vettel
8 - General Comment: Great start of the season alot of overtakings so I'm happy with the new rules.

Mitsuro Sano
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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by Mitsuro Sano » 29 Mar 2009, 14:32

1 - Best Driver : Button!
2 - Best Team : Brawn GP!
3 - Best Overtake : Hamilton on a Force India ( Sutil I believe )
4 - Best Moment : The end of the race with Kubica closing Vettel and Button
5 - Worst Driver : Bourdais... he was nowhere and Sutil, just because he manage to go off the track in the installation lap :p
6- Worst Team : maybe Ferrari ?
7 - Biggest Surprise : Hamilton 4th ( then 3rd with Trulli DQ )
8 - General Comment

It was a nice race, lot of nice overtaking manoeuvre. Brawn GP was fantastic but not so dominant as I thought before. The Kubica/Vettel incident is really a shame, both deserved a podium position, even a win for Kubica!

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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by Richards19 » 29 Mar 2009, 16:01

1 - Best Driver : J. Button, and also Hamilton for his come back down to the grid
2 - Best Team : Brawn GP
3 - Best Overtake : many good overtakes during this but for me the best was Glock on Alonso
4 - Best Moment : the end of the race
5 - Worst Driver : the Ferrari drivers, and Bourdais, just a shame that Buemi is already in front of him
6- Worst Team : Ferrari
7 - Biggest Surprise : Barichello had a really bad start, and the incident between Kubica and Vettel
8 - General Comment: very good race, indeed, with many overtaking. It's just amazing to see Brawn GP to win the first GP of the season, now let's see what they doing on the malaysian race

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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by Suntrek » 29 Mar 2009, 16:17

1. - Best Driver
Hamilton for driving a flawless race from the bottom of the grid in a car that isn't one of the best. Keep it up Lewis, if you do I might actually start to like you. :)
Kubica for despite a ton of problems in practice being there when it counted, while his teammate was nowhere. Perfect tyre management. Would have won the race if it wasn't for the collision with Vettel, Button's tyres were totally shot.
Button? OK, honorary mention, but winning in the best car from pole isn't THAT difficult. However, all congrats to him, he deserves all the success in the world after all the trouble he's had, trouble he's endured without a word of complaining. Kudos. :thumbsup:

2 - Best Team
Brawn. By a mile. No one else even comes close. Apparantly also build very sturdy cars, or Rubens wouldn't have finished at all.

3 - Best Overtake
Alonso on Glock. Hard fought in a car that was in reality slower than the Toyota.

4 - Best Moment
When I realized Kubica had a chance to challenge for the win. Didn't last long though. :(

5 - Worst Driver
Kimi for being asleep once again. I can take such antics as crashing unprovoked from the likes of Nakajima and Piquet, but not from a guy who calls himself world champion. Podium gone. Can't anybody wake him up?
Rubens for making a mess of most things despite being in the best car and who was VERY lucky to finish second.

6- Worst Team
Ferrrari. I expect more from a top team like Ferrari. Reliability is bad, one of the drivers is bad - Massa at least does his best always even if he gets screwed by strategy, fuel hoses and/or reliability.
Toyota for entering an illegal car. I don't think it was deliberate, but it ruined their drivers chances to be fighting for the win.

7 - Biggest Surprise
Buemi. I thought he'd struggle a bit,after all he's hardly driven a F1 car before, but he did a brilliant job. Not to mention he beats his famous more experienced teammate from day 1.

8 - General Comment
Well, I wasn't bored so I guess it was a good race... :cool:

Greatest thanks should really go to Bridgestone, by providing chewing gum tyres for the race they really spiced things up!
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Re: Rate The Australian Grand Prix

Post by JoostLamers » 29 Mar 2009, 18:41

1 - Best Driver - Jenson, Lewis
2 - Best Team - who else? BGP!
3 - Best Overtake - Hamilton on everyone
4 - Best Moment - Hamilton classified third
5 - Worst Driver - Kimi (was he drunk? :p )
6- Worst Team - Ferrari
7 - Biggest Surprise - Buemi, great race
8 - General Comment - What a lovely opener! Again!
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