Results of 2009 European GP Predictions

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Re: Results of 2009 European GP Predictions

Post by shailf1 » 27 Aug 2009, 16:33

Ali wrote:
shail69 wrote:
Ali wrote:
phil1993 wrote:I think if there's rain at any time during the race then it counts as wet, ask Ali to confirm this
Yeah, you're right but we can decide upon this. If no-one uses intermediate or extreme wet tyres at any stage during the race, we could well say it's a dry race even if it rains in dying moments.
or if the track is declared wet by the race director then its wet otherwise not..
Race control doesn't always declare if the race is wet, but yeah, it could be another criterion.
then how would the teams know that they do not have to use both set of tyre compounds...