I guess how many points I have

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I guess how many points I have

Post by red_f_enzo » 09 Jul 2007, 14:12

I want tio guess how many points I have in my predicts, but I missed the race, can you say m the right results please?:

1.Drivers finishing 1-8th (2 points for a right driver in the right place -+bonus 1.5 pts for the winner
1 point for a driver on the wrong place, but not outside the first 8 places)

2.Crash(Yes/No) (1 pts)
3.Safety Car(Yes/No) (1 pt)
4.Weather (Dry/Wet tyres) (1 pts)
5.Will any team steal the first 2 positions?(Yes/No) (2 pts)
6.First Retirement : name(2pt)
7.Tyres Problems (Punctures) (Yes/No) (2 pts)
8.Who will place 10th? (2 pts)
9.Fastest Lap man (2 pts)
10.How many drivers will finish the race? (2 pts)
11.On which lap will we see the first pit stop? (4pts)

Thanks! :toot: Flag:##

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Re: I guess how many points I have

Post by iceman1 » 09 Jul 2007, 14:34

Hey dude go to http://www.formula1.com

And about Results Maltafan is away for 7 days!! she'll post Them Later