For all you lovely spammers...

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Re: For all you lovely spammers...

Post by maltafan » 25 Oct 2007, 19:44

kimi and mika wrote:I don't think I have spammed.
This post is a spam. The others are ok ;)

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Re: For all you lovely spammers...

Post by shailf1 » 15 May 2008, 21:11

15 points huh..
i dont think anybody will have to spam to get there
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Re: For all you lovely spammers...

Post by Articate » 22 May 2008, 11:16

nice pic, seriously. As a computer related solution designer, I'm trying to figure if the 15 post is detrimental or not towards the idea behind the system. Of course you'll have a lot more people actually posting, rather than coming in for only one thing. At the same time, this means a lot of them will race to get the required amount of posts, and stop posting all together after that. That means you'll have a lot of near-spam posts that don't really contribute, but you can't really call it spam, either, and few people that create new threads and such. While a lot of small posts will get a sort of lively feeling to the forum, it'll also be more filled with morons with no opinion, or actually, mostly people that state their opinions but not why they think that, since they're not gonna waste their times explaining something in a post.

Personally, if it wasn't post-restricted for my part, I'd probably base my being active around here or not on the community, and problem is that now this is a place with spam problems, and a lot of tiny, tiny posts. Even the majority of this thread is two sentences most.

But, I dunno.