WRC 2011 Preview: Do's and Don'ts of following Rallying

By on Tuesday, February 8, 2011

By Luieluv

Do’s Of Following Rallying:

- Individual Rally Threads
This is the most important thing while following Rallies with us. This thread will provide inside out information of the every single happening of the rally. Be it the schedule, Results, Quotes, Timings, Stages, anything and everything related to that particular rally. No other place will give you such minutest information of the entire event. So make sure you are part of this.

- WRC Website
This is again very much handy while following the rally. The stage and split times of every individual drivers could be tracked from this site. And more importantly every stage results are updated as they happen. Additional information on the stage maps and the routes are also provided. This will keep you glued with excitement even its only for Kimi Raikkonen. And God forbid if you ALSO start following other drivers which is highly recommended and which eventually will happen then the excitement and the fun will reach its peak. This site is a MUST to follow the rally The link to this web site would be given in every single individual rally thread.

- Rally Radio
This is something that I can go on bragging about to no end. This is a Radio station where they cover almost all the stages of rally across 3 days of the event. This fills the void of less or no television coverage to perfection. Becsy, Collins and simon are too good with their job and they make sure that while following rally you get to figure out every thing that is going around. The driver quotes post every stage is brought to you by Rally Radio commentators. I for one feel that Television coverage would be epic fail in front of Radio coverage. Such is the quality of Rally Radio. Add to the existing list they also bring us views and reviews from teams and their personnel. Coverage from service area and many such informative doze on Rally is the highlight of Rally Radio. And last but not the least they just know how to make things exciting and pep you up with mixing some super English songs during the commentary. This sets a follower in perfect mood to spend hours following rally. The trump card of the team is Becsy. She is a sweet heart and has the most pleasant voice I must have come across a commentator. She also reads many of our fan mails. Thanks a ton to them. This again falls in the MUST category. This will only enrich your rally experience.

- Live Coverage
This year we would be having live coverage for Super Special stages. So there will be some television coverage too. We shall regularly update on the links that would provide the live coverage if any

- Photo / Video Thread for Individual Rally

This will help us to relive the rally in visuals. Some really good work from members would enable us to capture the rally happenings in photos and videos from the entire event. This thread is also updated on a regular basis

- Patience
This is again an important factor for people who are kimi fans. The reality in WRC is far different from track racing. Make sure you give enough time to mould yourself in to following Rally. The results surely will come but along the way there would be downs and obstacle so be patient enough to stand for your effort. Give time and you shall definitely like following rally.

- Reflexes / Reading Skills
This again is a necessity as the flow of the thread is at the pace of knots. You need to quick enough to read and follow the rally. More like being on toes every minute. You miss it for few minutes and you would find yourself down by 10 to 15 pages of reading. For catching up too you need to be quick so that you can start following it back from the live action.

Don’ts of Rallying

- Don’t Demand / Expect Television coverage
Its really very difficult for a broadcaster to cover the entire event s across acres of land and three days. Its not feasible and the entire charm of following the rally with live timings and rally radio and rally threads would be then lost. What so ever coverage would be there would be updated in the individual rally thread

- Don’t compare WRC to F1
These both are totally different genre and it would be highly advisable not to draw comparisons between the two. Even if you do, you may just find one genre as inferior to other. And I don’t want injustice to happen towards any of the sport.

- Kimi Raikkonen is not the only Driver
I know most of us are here for Kimi Raikkonen and we all are his die hard fans. But its very important for members to know that Kimi Raikkonen is not the only driver driving in WRC. Don’t just look out for his results. Try following others as this will only help you in analyzing kimi’s situation better. More knowledge of the sport will only make us better follower. Its fine if we give 70 to 80% of our time following only about kimi but spare some time to follow others in WRC and this will only make us strong kimi followers and will only help us in knowing kimi and his driving better.

- Don’t throw in the Towel too soon
This is an earnest request to not give up on following this sport. You will have to give some decent time. Yes this sport is time consuming but really exciting too and presence of Kimi Raikkonen is icing on the cake so atleast for Kimi’s sake if you plunge into following the sport then give enough time. Things will look only better as you progress in this journey.

WRC Sweden kicks off later this week. For all the latest: > http://www.f1zone.net/viewtopic.php?f=152&t=6390

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