World's press says Vettel in title hot-seat

By on Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Photo credit: Red Bull GEPA

The world's press thinks Fernando Alonso will be hard-pressed to regain the lead of the world championship from Sebastian Vettel in the last races of 2012.

"Thanks to Adrian Newey's genius, Vettel takes the lead," La Gazzetta dello Sport said after German Vettel's third consecutive grand prix win on Sunday.

"Now it will be difficult for Alonso."

Italy's Tuttosport agreed: "The world title is moving far away for Alonso.

"In Korea, Alonso lost more than just the lead of the championship. He also lost all hope.

"He has already started to cope with the disappointment of another lost season."

Corriere della Sera added: "Alonso is still the best driver of all, but his car does not match his abilities."

But Alonso had actually said in Korea that although Vettel has the "best car", Ferrari is the "best team".

"But in order to conquer this world title," said Corriere dello Sport, "you need the best car and the best team."

Even Alonso's native Spanish press has "no illusions", the Diario Sport newspaper wrote.

"Vettel is the new leader and he has the best car."

The sports daily Marca added: "No one can stop Vettel now."

France's Le Figaro explained: "For a few weeks now, Alonso has sat powerless at the helm of an insufficient Ferrari."

Austria's Kronen Zeitung wrote: "Vettel is now the hot title favourite."

And Italy's La Repubblica concluded: "Alonso (in Korea) could not hide his disappointment. The wheel has turned."

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