Work continues at Texas site for 2012 US GP

By on Friday, February 18, 2011

Feb.18 (GMM) Work at the site of the 2012 US grand prix in Texas is now obvious, according to a local reporter.

Organisers of the Austin race recently received digging permission, after initial work commenced at the site including silt fencing and soil drilling.

But a writer for the Austin American Statesman newspaper said signs of construction or machinery were not visible from nearby roads until now.

John Maher reported that earthmoving has been taking place in January and February, while in the past two days vehicles can be seen on a sizeable stretch of cleared land.

"What looked to be a line of pipe was also visible from the road. Moving gas pipes is job one for the project," he explained.

Maher also wrote that a sign company's cherry picker was also present at a newly-opened entrance to the site.

"Will the once super secret site now be marked with a welcoming sign? We'll soon see," he said.

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