Wolff explains Mercedes strategy decision

By on Monday, November 2, 2015
Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff explained that the squad's decision to change its strategy during the Mexican Grand Prix was precautionary, after in-race questioning from Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes had intended to adopt a one-stop strategy during the race but Nico Rosberg was called in for a second set of Prime tyres, with Hamilton requested to follow suit a lap later.

Hamilton stayed out and queried the team's decision prior to obeying the call and pitting for a second time, before going on to complete a Mercedes 1-2.

"The main focus of interest was around the decision to convert our one-stop strategy to a two-stopper," Wolff said.

"From our side, it was a simple precaution: after the first stint on the Option tyre, we had seen higher than expected wear levels and one of Lewis' tyres was even down to 0% rubber.

"The stint we were trying to do with the prime was already on the limit, and with that information in hand and a pit-stop gap to spare to the next car, it was the low-risk option to stop both cars again."

Wolff defended Hamilton's decision to question the pit call during the race.

"Lewis obviously had a few questions about that and that's totally normal - race drivers have emotions and if they didn't focus on winning every time, they wouldn't be the talents they are," he explained.

"But we have the overview on the pit wall and Lewis followed the instruction to pit."

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