Williams reveals pre-launch image of FW36

By on Thursday, January 23, 2014

Williams has become the second team to release an image of their 2014 challenger.

After Force India unveiled the VJM07 on Wednesday, Williams revealed a pre-launch rendering of the FW36.

The car will be tested in its heritage blue livery, pictured, at Jerez next week.

It will be raced by Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa.

Williams switches to Mercedes power for 2014 after two years with Renault.

Chief technical officer Pat Symonds says that getting the FW36 down to the weight limit presented Williams with a challenge. For 2014, cars are 690kg, compared to 642kg in 2013.

"The design phase of the FW36 was completed by mid-September, by which time the team had found solutions to the major challenges presented by the regulations. Cooling, weight, a new gearbox and aerodynamic changes are just some of the areas of focus," he said.

"Overall the cars will need more cooling this year. The demands on water and oil cooling may be slightly diminished, but the ERS system is significantly more powerful and hence needs more cooling. We also have to cool the charge air from the turbocharger compressor which requires a substantial intercooler."

"It's been a challenge to get the car down to the weight limit. It's been achievable, but it hasn't been easy because the new power unit is heavier than the outgoing V8."

Williams F1 Team

Williams F1 Team

Despite the focus on the new power units, Symonds believes that aerodynamic performance will still be crucial.

"F1 is still going to be an aerodynamic formula in 2014. There are some significant changes: the nose is lower than last year and the front wing is narrower, which means the end plates are now more shrouded by the front tyre."

"The rear wing isn't as deep as last year and the beam wing below it is no longer permitted, and we've also lost the ability to use the exhaust to enhance aero performance."

Williams finished in ninth place in the Constructors' championship in 2013 with five points but Symonds is confident the team will improve.

"I'm confident that we'll be closer to the front aerodynamically than we were last year."

"Our ambition for the year ahead is to have a strong 2014 season."

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