Whiting warns teams over fuel consumption

By on Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lewis-Hamilton-Bahrain-testingFormula 1 race director Charlie Whiting has warned that there will be zero tolerance over the fuel consumption limit ahead of this weekend's Australian Grand Prix.

Teams must use no more than 100kg of fuel across the course of the race and Whiting has warned that any team stepping over the limit will face disqualification.

"The 100kg is the maximum and, if they go over, they have exceeded the limit and there is no tolerance," he said.

"We are confident of the meter's accuracy," he said of the fuel flow limit device.

"It will always be correlated with data we have from injectors to make sure there is not a wide divergence, but from what we have seen so far that will not be the case."

Whiting also hinted that teams could skip the final practice session in order to preserve their cars for qualifying.

"There's a two-hour gap as we know between third practice and qualifying and it would be very unfortunate if a team had a problem at the end of third practice that they couldn't fix for qualifying," he said.

"It's not without precedent as we’ve seen it happen in the past – Fernando Alonso having a shunt in Monaco a few years ago, for example.

"Teams are worried that it's going to be more common, and I've even heard teams saying that they will skip third practice to make sure that they've got the car ready for qualifying.

"But we'll see, everyone's got their own way of going about things. Some teams tell me it will take seven hours to change an engine, some say it will take three, some say it will take an hour and a half. We don't know really whether such difficult situations like that will actually arise."

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