Webber snarls in China amid Vettel dominance

By on Thursday, April 14, 2011

Apr.14 (GMM) Mark Webber was reduced to an expletive on Thursday as he faced the world's press who tried to sum up his start to the 2011 season.

One reporter in Shanghai dared to suggest the Red Bull driver is to Sebastian Vettel, the reigning champion and two-time winner from pole in 2011, what Eddie Irvine was to Michael Schumacher all those years ago.

"Absolutely f***ing ludicrous question, mate," he snarled.

34-year-old Webber, his contract running out, had an awful weekend in Australia and a KERS failure a week ago, but he vowed to fight back in China.

"He's not just beating me, he's beating everyone," he insisted when asked about Vettel. "No one will turn up then, might as well stay at home.

"People always make the natural comparison between you and your teammate, and Seb is driving really, really well and is on top of a lot of things at the moment.

"It could be a lot worse than it is at the moment," he added. "I am still performing pretty well, I believe, and also we're learning a lot."

As for his mental state two races down and 28 points behind, the Australian answered: "I'm fine mate. I think if you were much, much younger then obviously you'd be panicking.

"But I've been around the block."

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