Webber relaxed about Red Bull future

By on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getty Images

Australian driver Mark Webber says he is unconcerned by persistent rumours about his future.

Webber, 36, is the oldest driver on the grid this season and has been on a series of one year contracts since 2009.

"I never ever expected that it would be such an interesting topic that I would be the oldest on the grid," he told Reuters ahead of his home race this weekend.

"I didn't even see it coming until the last few weeks. I don't feel the oldest on the grid. You feel you're the oldest on the grid if you're back on the grid getting blown away, but that's my job to make sure it doesn't happen."

Webber has won three Constructors Championships with Red Bull (2010-2012) and has been with the team since 2007. He admits that there will always be speculation about his future.

"I think it was Kimi [Raikkonen] who was supposed to replace me in 2009. It comes with the territory when you're in a top team and you're at the back end of your career."

"The vultures have been on the branches for the last three of four years, that's just the way it is. But there will be a day where I stop."

Webber adds that he believes he will finish his career with Red Bull.

"For me to finish my career [with Red Bull] is quite likely but you never know. The phone might ring tomorrow with something else. It is a funny old business F1. Chopping and changing teams late on, I'm not sure. I admire Rubens Barrichello for that. I couldn't have done what Rubens did [moving from Brawn GP to Williams], going from having been at the top and then going down - I am not particularly keen on doing that."

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