Webber heard about the pit stop incident after the race

By on Sunday, July 7, 2013

Christian Horner revealed after the German Grand Prix that the team decided not to inform Mark Webber about the incident from his first pit stop while he was still racing.

The Australian pitted on Lap 8 for a new set of tyres and was released even if the right rear wheel was not correctly fitted. The wheel came off and struck an FOM cameraman from the pit lane.

“Unfortunately, in Mark’s stop obviously we need to understand fully what happened, why the wheel hasn’t located. The wheel detached itself from the car and a cameraman pulled been over with quite a bit of energy. Most important, he is fundamentally ok and obviously that was our primary concern.”

“Mechanics have to wear safety gear, helmets and maybe it’s time that some of the other operational working people have to wear some safety equipments as well,” Red Bull team principal added.

“It’s a horrible feeling. Initially I thought it’s a Mercedes mechanic but very quickly I was updated by FOM that it was one of their cameraman and that he’s on his way to Hospital. Initial signs looked ok and then they kept me updated during the race.”

Horner also said Webber was very concerned for the well-being of the cameraman when he found out about the incident and pleased to hear he was ok. “We chose not to inform Mark at that point as he couldn’t see it. It was relevant for him to be racing without it on his mind. We just informed him after the race.”

A statement issued by the FIA after the race reveals the cameraman was conscious after the accident.

“Paul Allen was hit on the left hand side. Remaining conscious, he was treated at the circuit medical centre and then transported by helicopter to Koblenz Hospital. The Briton has been kept there, under observation. Further information from the hospital will be provided as soon as it becomes available.”

The Stewards examined the video evidence and fined Red Bull €30.000 for unsafe release.

“The team released car 2 before all wheels were safely fitted and the right rear wheel came off as the car left the pit stop position. The wheel passed four teams and struck a camera operator causing injury.”

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