Webber excluded from qualifying, starts last

By on Saturday, April 13, 2013

Red Bull/Getty Images

Mark Webber has been excluded from the qualifying results for the Chinese Grand Prix.

Webber stopped on track during Q2, with Red Bull citing a fuel pressure problem as the cause of his stoppage.

The Red Bull driver had originally set the fourteenth quickest time in the session but must now start from the back of the twenty two car grid.

A technical error meant that insufficient fuel was delivered to Webber's RB9 during Q2. Webber's car had just 150ml of fuel remaining, rather than the litre that is required for a fuel sample.

'Car 2 was not driven back to the pits under its own power and was unable provide the fuel sample as required', read the stewards' report.

'The Competitor is excluded from the results of the Qualifying Session. The competitor is however allowed to start the race from the back of the grid.'

Webber's demotion to the back of the grid comes just a few races after Sebastian Vettel suffered a similar fate during qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the end of last season.

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