Webber denies helping Vettel

By on Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Webber took his second Monaco win with Vettel fourth

Monaco Grand Prix winner Mark Webber has dismissed speculation that he deliberately backed up the chasing pack - consisting of Nico Rosberg, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa - in order to assist team mate Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel attempted to pull off an alternate strategy by running on the prime tyres for the first forty-five laps before making his one and only pit stop.

"I heard afterwards people had been speculating that I was 'backing up' Nico, Fernando and McLaren's Lewis Hamilton, who was also behind me, to help my team-mate Sebastian Vettel gain places", Webber wrote in his column for the BBC.

"That is absolute rubbish. You just cannot be that fancy around Monaco. Ultimately, Seb ran out of tyres and he had to pit because the rest of us started to go quicker, but if they'd kept going he would have been pushing for the win" said the Australian. "If we had been trying anything on, I could have been even cuter. I cleared Seb by quite a lot. If I'd wanted to slide him in among other people, I could have slowed down and it would have been even better for the team.

Webber explained that such a plan could have backfired for him and his team

"The problem with trying to do that would be that you're exposing yourself to even more pressure from the guys behind - Nico and Fernando in this case. And then the boys in the pits might mess up Seb's stop and it would all be for nothing. You always get bitten on the bum when you get fancy. So you just don't try."

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