Virgin steps could convince Glock to stay

By on Friday, July 8, 2011

Jul.8 (GMM) The decision to tie-up with McLaren and enter a wind tunnel might have convinced Timo Glock to stay at Virgin in 2012.

The German driver has had a frustrating season and a half with the struggling 2010 start-up outfit, but Virgin recently split with designer Nick Wirth and ended the policy of building its cars exclusively with computer modelling.

Glock, 29, happily told Auto Motor und Sport that a scale model of the Virgin car will soon enter the McLaren wind tunnel.

He also said he will try McLaren's state-of-the-art driver simulator "as soon as possible".

Asked if the developments could affect his plans for 2012, Glock smiled: "It is quite possible."

As for any hope of a dramatic improvement when the McLaren tunnel programme begins, he explained: "Unfortunately we have the two week summer break coming up, where the factories are closed."

And Wirth's scheduled Silverstone development has been called off.

"Maybe we'll do something for Singapore," said Glock. "This is still not decided.

"Only if we find something in the straight line testing or the wind tunnel that can be a big step forward without much effort, we will act now. Otherwise, I do not expect any big jumps (this year).

"Our direct competition, unfortunately, is already far ahead."

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