Virgin plays down Leafield move rumours

By on Monday, June 6, 2011

Jun.6 (GMM) After splitting with Nick Wirth, the next rumour at Virgin is that the struggling team is set to move into the former Arrows and Super Aguri facility in Leafield (UK).

Since entering formula one based on the F3 team Manor, the outfit has been located at Dinnington, but with the crucial technical headquarters at Wirth Research in Banbury.

It is rumoured Leafield has been proposed as the ideal base after the Wirth split by team consultant Pat Symonds.

Symonds is the previously highly-respected engineer who was banned from a direct operational role in F1 following the Renault crashgate scandal two years ago.

Virgin Racing chief executive Graeme Lowdon told the Sheffield Star newspaper: "We are always evaluating our options but we have had no discussions with them (Leafield).

"It is way too early to make any decisions on that. We are reviewing everything and looking at what the best solution is going forwards."

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